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Terrified of the water as a child, H learned to dive in 2000.

It's fair to say he was not a natural, but persevered in order to have a legitimate excuse to wear neoprene. And a mask.

Initially interested in underwater photography, he purchased a Sea & Sea Motormarine system, but quickly became frustrated due to his limited diving ability, limited photographic ability, and 36 exposures.

Mercilessly ridiculed by the Swiss, the Dutch, and even the Germans, with their flashy digital technology, he finally bought a Canon Ixus 950.

However it was soon apparent that now he just didn’t have enough pixels, let alone the diving or photographic ability, to mix with the big boys.

Enter the Dragon, in the form of a shadowy Kung Fu Master from Hong Kong who suggested opportunities lay within the text of diving magazines.

Diving possessed an element of risk and adventure that articles about diving did not.

Seeing himself as something of a 'young gun', (although clearly comfortably middle aged), H started to write diving articles, predominantly for London Diver, although they seem to have given him the flick, now they’ve gone all ‘national’ and changed their name to Tanked Up.

He has not given up the day job. Or polishing the chip on his shoulder.

He lives alone, but would happily rent his second bedroom, slash, office to Garth Marenghi.

He is a member of the National Union of Journalists.

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